steps to take if you want a successful career in music

successful music career

successful music career

Here are some tips to help you make a career out of music.

1. A hit single won’t guarantee a successful music career.

The one-hit artists. The ones who have one hit and everyone is happy {This chap/guy is great}. Music promoters, managers, record companies and bands are not out to find such. They don’t want to find great music or a one-hit artist to sell. They want to hear good music.

You must prove you are more than a one-hit-wonder. The music industry needs you to prove that you are worth it. Demonstrate to them that your relationship with them is worth the investment. Demonstrate to them that they can bring a lot of value and lower their risk by investing in you.

Takeaway lesson: It is essential to invest in yourself first before you ask others to do the same.

2. Stay committed and keep your eyes open for the long-term
Investors in musicians and reputable music companies are not looking for a quick venture. They want to ensure you are fully committed to a long-term business deal. They won’t ask. They will not ask you that. Instead, they will do research about you to see if you are a good investment. Here are things they will look out for, things like your track record, mindset, strategy, commitment, risk elements, and value. This still takes us back to you, the musician who adds value to himself and shows proof of risk reduction.

3. Do not wait for the “opportunity”; make it happen!

Many people claim they were not given a chance to show what they can do. This is the talk of a crying baby. Cameroon’s most popular song is now a familiar lyric. It’s time to get up and start creating

If you are serious about pursuing a career in music, there is no better opportunity than yourself. No one will grant you an opportunity. You must add value to the things you have and minimize the risk for record companies, promoters, and managers. Do not wait for others to make opportunities for you. Everybody in the industry is busy creating new opportunities for themselves, not for you. If you want to be a musician, get out there and take control of your destiny.

4. All the pieces should be combined

You will only hear about a musician 2, 3, or 4 days before an album, extended play (EP), or single is released. Cameroon artists are very familiar with this. They hide underground, and they come out looking like, “I want you to surprise me!” And then surprise themselves. You only surprise yourself. They won’t be prepared for you. They will think that you will surprise them again by going underground.

You need to market your music (album, single, or EP), attract people to your website and expand your social media presence. All of these must be integrated. All of them must be connected. It won’t work if it isn’t connected. A well-thought-out and proven strategy is essential. It is called a strategy or package when they are all put together.

The possibility of you succeeding is great.

5. It’s more than just about getting your name out there
It’s more than just about getting your name out there or getting as many fans. It’s not all about getting the social media “Likes ” many artists want. It’s all about delivering quality music. If you do that, the fans will rush to you (yes! na dem rush you).

Stanley Enow was not well-known to many until his release of Hein Pere . To get followers, he wasn’t selling “Likes”. He stimulated people with great music, and they gave him Likes. To draw likes, he doesn’t need any promo. He is a consistent player in this field. His fans feel he is missing them when they aren’t listening to good music.

6. A success-driven mindset is essential

People who are successful have a success-driven mentality. This applies to every business, even the music industry. If you’re determined to achieve something, there are two options: you either succeed or fail. Pick one and do it. If you have the wrong mindset, your place is in hell.

7. It’s impossible to do it all on your own

That’s true. We all know the “support your own” phrase. While it’s important to support our own, that doesn’t necessarily mean we will support trash just because it’s “ours”. You can’t make a long-term, successful music career on your own. This is suicide. This also means that you must be professional. You should work with managers, promoters, music labels, and fans.

Bloggers and promoters don’t have to work for anything. Even though they may not have the funds, that doesn’t mean they won’t support you. But how long will they be able to do this? You can offer them different strategies that you can use to work together. Pay them if you have the money, and hold them accountable if they fail to do their job. Business is business. Expect them to give you what you want and not work for nothing. Who pays their bills

Your music will be more valuable if you add value, and your fans will flock to you for support. You will not be successful if you have too many “Likes” on Facebook. Social media likes are not enough to make a music career success. Some can even pay for these “Likes.” You can add value to your life by using money. Nobody wants to be hypocritical. Your friends won’t like it if you dump trash everywhere. If you invest in yourself and add value, you will be “rushed” by promoters, managers, labels, and fans. Thank you

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