Isabella Melodies: Hit song should have the life and breath of a God-gospel minister

Isabella Melodies

Isabella Melodies

Minister Isabella Melodies, a UK-based Nigerian gospel singer has shared the traditional characteristics that every gospel hit-song should have.

Interview with the talented singer, who shared her story, Christian orientation, and challenges in the ever-evolving industry of music.

She spoke about her music career and background, saying: “My birth name Isabella means “consecrated unto God”, I am a worshipper and songwriter. I am married to the love and light of my life.

“I recorded my first album October 2009. From 2009 to date, we have been working on the 10th album, Melodies From The Secret Place.

Isabella spoke about her struggles in the industry and how she tries to balance her family life with her career.

“I am very deliberate about where I spend my time and energy. The Omeriwo crooner stated that he prioritizes family and things of eternal significance.

“I don’t fear saying no. My husband and my family are supportive of me. But, most importantly, I rely heavily on the Holy Spirit for wisdom, discernment, and support. I like to be organized and plan ahead.

Every superstar in every industry has been engraved with the following stamps: recognition, success and awards Isabella believes God has already validated her priorities and she prioritizes them.

“I believe that it is okay to acknowledge, encourage, and celebrate people who are a blessing as long as they do so with transparency, integrity, and excellence. This is not a contest for popularity or to extort ministers.

“Yes, by the grace and power of God, I have a cabinet at my home that contains award trophies I have received over the years. However, I don’t dwell on these awards. They don’t validate my abilities. I have been called, approved, and selected for the work I do. While I appreciate their kindness, I don’t base my value on them.

She clearly has a global reputation, performing in high-end music concerts across Europe, including in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. She has also performed in concerts across North America and Africa.

“Omeriwo”, her hit single, is one of the most streamed gospel songs in the world.

The singer responded to the song’s impact by saying, “Omeri, which means he has won, is a song that celebrates victory and is the first single I have released from my 10th album. It is a powerful declaration of the victory that we have in Jesus Christ and was born after a season of deep consecration.

“I believe that hit songs are songs that convey the life and breath of God in a way that resonates among the masses. Omeriwo, along with my worship songs, exudes that essence.

Isabella is also a leader of Ministry of Wifehood, a non-profit organization that focuses on mentoring women.

Music Ministry for Women of African Origin. This ministry focuses on encouraging, equipping, and empowering women to be music ministers.

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