What to Know about worshiping God

What to Know about worshipping God

What to Know about worshipping God

Scriptural Truths to Remember About Worship. Since we love God, we should try to satisfy Him. Scriptural certainties, consequently, not our inclinations dependent on our characters or foundations, should frame our needs in love.

Worship is about God, not about us and not about the structure or medium used to adore. In this way don’t allow anybody to pass judgment on you by what you eat or drink, or with respect to a strict celebration, a New Moon festivity or a Sabbath day. These are a sad remnant of things that were to come; the truth (substance), in any case, is found in Christ. (Col. 2:16-17)

What’s in the heart matters more to God than visible presentation or style. With what will I precede the Lord and kneel before the commended God? Will I precede him with consumed contributions, with calves a year old? Will the Lord be satisfied with a huge number of rams, with 10,000 waterways of oil? Will I offer my firstborn for my offense, the product of my body for the transgression of my spirit? He has showed you, O man, what is acceptable. Furthermore, what does the Lord expect of you? To act legitimately and to adore leniency with and to walk submissively with your God. (Mic. 6:6-8)

God looks for the individuals who love in soul and truth, not either/or. Yet, an hour is coming, and now is, the point at which the genuine worshippers will adore the Father in soul and truth; for such individuals the Father looks to be His admirers. (Jn. 4:23)

4) Worship is in excess of a Sunday issue, more than something we do at chapel or in our tranquil occasions. It includes the entire of our lives, each day. Consequently I encourage you, siblings, considering God’s kindness, to offer your bodies as living penances, blessed and satisfying to God – this is your profound demonstration of love. (Rom. 12:1)

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