Top Nigerian Youthful Christian songs To Listen To In 2022

Youthful Christian songs

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For those who aren’t aware, Gospel music has a relaxing and soothing effect on the brain that influences it positively. Gospel music can boost your mood, and its lyrics can take your spirituality to the highest level. If the sharp lines of your life are hurting your life, gospel music can help you relax and bring down anxiety levels. It is because gospel music is a way to acknowledge the stress of life and gives the encouragement needed to make progress.

There’s also an unknown force hidden within many young Christian songs. Some songs begin very casually until you reach midway through the track, and suddenly you feel a powerful force gushing out of the congregation. It’s hard to describe but is very real.

There is a place for every tempo and style in church services today and services. Here is a few Nigerian youth Christian music to listen to in your church or youth group.

To not waste your time, Here are some of the Top Nigerian youthful Christian songs to hear in the fastest way and your favourite gospel music blog.

Top Nigerian Youthful Christian songs To Listen To In 2022

1. Dunsin Oyekan – Always God

The most talented Nigerian gospel artist and songsmith Dunsin Oyekan releases this unique track titled”Always God.” This uplifting record, dubbed “Always God”, is bound to lift spirits across the entire nation. Dunsin Oyekan truly shined in this catagaloue. This follows his single, One On One, which is still a hit.

Listen to the audio below

2. AGABA IDU Min. Andy Best ft Austin Lobo

Second on our list of top youthful christian songs is AGABA IDU is an Igala word meaning LION King. It’s a song that celebrates God’s grandeur: that nobody can compare to God and no one is even near. God is the ultimate life-changer. He is the healer, father of mercy, and God’s love and will forever be worthy of our praise and Hallelujah.

Listen to the audio below

3. Nathaniel Bassey – Adonai

The famous Nigerian worship gospel music minister, pastor, and a notable Christian singer whose songs have significantly influenced the lives of “Nathaniel Bassey” released this track titled “Adonai”. One of the tracks taken from his album “THE NAMES OF GOD” was recorded in a live performance at RCCG (King’s Court) abroad.

Listen to the audio below

4. TY Bello – Fire Fire

The way it’s always been, “TY Bello” presents us with an incredible worship performance that happens spontaneously with the title “Fire Fire”. The Mp3 audio track and live recording video are accessible to stream and download.

Listen to the audio below

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5. Joshua Mike-Bamiloye – Olori Ogun

The fast-growing anointed Christian musician, singer and instrumentalist “Mike Bamiloye,” Joshua Isreal, and Joshua Mike Bamiloye” collaborates with JayMikee who sings the song from the Nigerian Mount Zion Movie “Abejoye Season 5 Theme Song (The Commander Lyrics)” (Mike Bamiloye) The song is the theme song of the film.

Listen to the audio below

6. Chris Shalom – Manifest Your Power

Manifest Your Power (The song) is a project inspired by the Holy Spirit, filled with messages from Christ Jesus Christ from birth until death and the salvation that resulted from it. It’s a collection of Joy, Hope, Love, salvation, and gratitude messages.

Listen to the audio below

7. OBIMO – Gozy Williams

Gozy Williams  sings over a perfectly laid beat with powerful lyrics and melodious lines, OBIMO” meaning (MY HEART). The gospel singer reminds us again about the good works of God in our lives. He has been good to us,  so we should make sure we tell to the world, “Obim oo obim oo obim oo you’re a miracle working God”

Listen to the audio below

8. Samsong Maximum – Enjoyment

This track, “Maximum Enjoyment”, is an incredible track that should be a worthy addition to your playlist if an avid fan of the Latest Nigerian Gospel Songs.

Listen to the audio below

9. TY Bello – The Weight of Your Glory

The way it’s always been, “TY Bello” presents us with a fantastic worship track as the song is called “The Weight of Your Glory”. The Mp3 audio and the live recording video are available to stream and download.
Listen to the audio below

10. 1spirit & Theophilus Sunday – True Soldier (1Spirit Anthem)

The famous Nigerian Popular Gospel Music minister writer, songwriter, AND anointed worshiper Theophilus Sunday perform an uplifting worship song that will bless you. It’s titled “True Soldier (1Spirit Anthem)”.
Listen to the audio below


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