It can be scary (STAGE ERRORS) to perform any music in front of a live audience. It’s easy for people to forget the things that aren’t necessary when there is so much pressure to perform correctly. These five tips will help you make your next big performance a success. These tips apply to any live performance.

1) DO NOT DO ONE THING THE FIRST TIME YOU PERFORM: Once you have mastered your show, don’t change it. You can change something if you get tired of it. Once it is ready, you can add it to your live performance. It’s like playing with fire, trying out new things in front of a paying audience. You will eventually get burned.
Musicians often perform six months behind their lessons or practice time. You must be patient and wait until the right moment to display your new skills. These skills take longer to become part of your body than you might think.
You want to be able to perform the skills you have learned on stage.

2) STAGE FEAR: Also known as fear, stage fright can cause a performer to become disoriented and even disrupt the performance. It can affect the stage appearance, self-esteem, poise, and confidence of the performer.
There are many ways to manage stage fright. One way is to slow down and take deep, slow breaths to normalize your heartbeat. You should not be focusing on the audience but rather on the back of the auditorium.
Poor preparation will always lead to poor performances. This is a huge problem in gospel music. Poor rehearsals are the reason that many musicians make mistakes that could have been avoided. Quality rehearsals are the key to great stage performances.

4) POOR Audience Response: Artists can keep their flow going by receiving great applause and reactions from the audience. Bad response, low turnout, and even low attendance can affect the artist’s morale, composure, and charisma psychologically. It is important to be sensitive to the mood of the audience, to understand their feelings, and then adapt.

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