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 Lecrae, a two-time Grammy Award-winning musician and New York Times bestseller author, shares his depression journey & depression solutions.


Lecrae, a survivor from sexual, verbal, and physical abuse, shares his story in this compelling video posted to his YouTube channel. He reveals how he woke up in 2018 after a night of binge drinking and clinical depression. Lecrae also discusses how he has dealt with deep childhood wounds and the path to his recovery.

Lecrae, a Christian artist, opens up about his struggles with depression and depression solutions.

Lecrae said that during his severe depression, he tried to find support through the experiences of others online. However, he was unable to connect with anyone. Lecrae hopes that his video will help others who can relate to his situation.

“How do you live a normal life when you feel so ill? “Here’s what I found,” he said.

“Depression and anxiety are not something you can snap out of. It is not possible to force yourself out. I have tried. The literal meaning of what’s happening is that one organ in your body isn’t working correctly. This is your brain.

He shared that it takes at most 21 days to create a new neuro pathway within your brain. Lecrae advises those suffering from anxiety or depression to be patient and allow for the time and effort it will take.

“A combination of several things was what was helpful to me. Of course, combinations will likely work for you as they did for me. But everyone is different.

In the video, the Christian rapper continues to share his personal experience.

Watch the video of Lecrae sharing his journey through depression & depression solutions

Lecrae sharing his journey through depression

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