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Kenny Praise

Kenny Praise

Gospel singer, Min Kenny Praise unveils this latest gospel piece he tags “I know This God to bless lives and renew faith in God among men, Its a song that will change your life for good believe me you
According to the Minister Do you know God, or do you just know about Him? What does that mean? We get caught up in reading or hearing about God from others, and just know about Him. We sometimes never get to the purpose of Bible study, to engage in relationship with God, to know God personally. It’s easy to let knowledge get in the way of knowing, really knowing someone.

Do you know the story of Job? Job was an upstanding man—a man with lots of wealth, possessions, family members, and friends. Yet, in a matter of days Job’s world was turned completely upside down. He lost everything except his life and his wife. He ended up sitting in ashes, covered with sores, scratching himself with a broken piece of pottery. Three of his friends came to visit and comfort him, and sat silently with him for a week.

When the conversation finally began, Job declared his innocence before God, and that he had been treated unjustly. His friends insisted he was obviously guilty or he wouldn’t have received such harsh treatment from God. Their ideas about God conflict. Either Job was right, or they were. Either Job knew God, or they did.

What happened to Job was a result of Satan’s accusation that Job feared God because God gave him good things. God took up the challenge, because He knew Job, and knew Job knew Him. God was confident Job would not turn away from Him because of affliction because Job didn’t just know about God.

Listen and be blessed by Min. Kenny Praise – I Know This God below. note: you can also download all his music from his profile


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