How To Make It Big As An Upcoming Artist In Gospel Music

How To Make It Big As An Upcoming Artist In Gospel Music (1)

Gospel music is a happy, balanced spiritual song that originates in churches in the African American South. The development of gospel songs coincided with and is a part of the development of the rhythm and blues music style.

It is not a new thing that every upcoming artist in gospel musicintends to make big in the Nigerian music industry. A significant question they ask at the beginning of their music journey is how do I succeed as an upcoming musician in gospel music?

In this article we would certainly be reviewing in details how to make it as a Upcoming Artist In Gospel Music

Who are upcoming artist

An upcoming artist is generally artist who hasn’t been a remarkable, constant component of mainstream awareness for more than 2-4 years with the requisite discography (optional), an identifiable brand as well as the industrial authority.


Upcoming Gospel Artist Education and Training

Just like any profession in the show business, there are no official education and learning requirements. In every category of music, you will certainly find effective entertainers who are self-taught along with those who have researched at the university level to better singers. The most effective way to get going as a gospel artist is to pay attention to as many musicians in the gospel market as you can and do anyplace feasible, even if you do so without pay.

You may have been blessed with a terrific voice, however as any artist will certainly tell you, getting into the music business is harder than other markets. Berklee Institution of Music suggests striving artists to hone their craft, network with the right people, and put in the effort. Although not needed, a college education can further your music understanding, help you make gospel market links, and build the self-control essential for a successful career.

The Gospel Music Association uses an online program for songwriters, musicians, and prayer leaders. Academies and Christian colleges might provide programs in gospel music.

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The Gospel Music Industry

The Gospel music industry is a small part of the larger music industry that concentrates on traditional Gospel songs, Southern gospel, modern Christian music, and different Christian music. It is occasionally called the scripture songs industry, although this classification does not limit the music styles represented.

Christian artists typically use nonreligious designs, pairing them with verses that show belief as well as spirituality to differing levels. Generally speaking, the industry is influenced by conventional society. Musical patterns, for instance, follow those of the secular scene, though normally a few years behind.

Paying attention to musicians in the gospel industry is important in starting a gospel vocal singing career. Visit the Gospel Music Hall of Fame to get more information regarding the greats and uncover musicians who might be brand-new to you. Paying attention to others in the gospel music industry can aid you in discovering tunes as well as creating your very own style. Thought about among the greatest artists of perpetuity are Aretha Franklin, Mahalia Jackson, Andrae Crouch, Elvis Presley, and James Cleveland. Contemporary artists consist of 2020 Gospel Music Hall of Fame inductees Bill Hearn, The Isaacs, 4Him, and also comissioned.

1. Promote yourself by yourself

If you aim to go from an upcoming artiste to a highly sought-after celebrity in Nigeria, you must promote yourself. There is a lot of competition due to many young talents springing up day by day. In this sense, you should encourage yourself through different platforms such as social media, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, radio, television, blog, influences, OAP, deejays, events, etc. Although some of these platforms that enable you to promote yourself are expensive, it is essential to start your promotion somewhere. For example, you use social media like Instagram to share your freestyle and share other musical content. The case of Picazzo Rap is a typical example of how social media has influenced top artists to recognize another talented young artist.

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2. Never Gossip About Fellow Artist to Another Individual

We are human, and the spirit of gossip is another part of us that is within our control. However, because of human gossip, we must understand that gossip has been the genesis of so many conflicts in the history of the world. As an upcoming artist, learn to listen to rumors and not spread stories about another fellow artist thinking it will play to your advantage. Many entertainers have been reported to commit suicide or die of depression due to things they hear about themselves as circulated by somebody close to them. As a result of this evil gossip, notably in Nigeria music terrain, it was noted that artists tend to be watchful of the type of person they mingle with and what they say. Hence, it will be difficult for any artist who wants to protect his career with another person known for peddling rumors. An artist instead rolls with a funny guy who would make them laugh than someone whose only business is talking and talking about someone else.


3. Collaborate with Top and Upcoming Artiste in the Industry

Some of the things that can stop upcoming music artists from featuring top artists are finance and lack of good lyrical content. As an upcoming artist, you should know your craft and be confident. No top artist will do a song with an artist with bad vibes, even if the money is enormous. To become relevant, a music artiste should collabo with top artists and with upcoming musicians. This feature will enable you to learn and motivate you in your next musical project.

4. Get a Management Team

Apart from self-promotion as a musician in Nigeria, it is also advisable you get yourself a management team which can be a group of professional friends or a management company. This management team will help propel an upcoming artist or already established artist into the limelight due to their skills, commitment, and connection. You can also get a well-experienced team signed under a record label.

5. Don’t rely on your music career alone

Music in Nigeria is becoming more competitive because many talented upcoming artists are trying to break into the industry, relegating those who are not ready to give out good lyrical content. To not fall into the groups of relegated artists, you must find a career somewhat related to music, such as disc jockey, producer, voice-over artist, and others. This will give you the chance to know more about the entertainment industry.

Exactly how do you promote on your own as an upcoming gospel artist?

Since the music industry has changed significantly, it can be hard to navigate how to advertise music in 2022. The internet and the effect of the Covid-19 remain relevant factors that impact songs promotion. While choices may appear restricted, gopsel artists are finding methods to push their content, brand name, and songs to meet a larger target market also in 2022.

The Gospel Music Industry and the Internet

The good news is that the Internet helps musicians’ adaptability. The Internet has numerous outlets for musicians to locate brand-new listeners– it’s just an issue of comprehending exactly how to harness the connections the internet offers. Without live shows, artists need to see exactly how to maximize the possibilities so individuals can hear their songs.

Build a Website and Email List

Though social media is crucial for musicians, every musician might benefit from a dedicated website. A website is a location for audience members from all social networks systems to gather. It could be an area where artists sell goods and post scheduled occasions. A website can additionally be where musicians reveal the release of brand-new music. Developing a website does require time and might need some help. Still, an excellent website might function as a central hub for followers to connect or understand even more about a musician. Email lists are an additional asset that may seem obsolete however are straight links to fans. With emails, gospel artists can advertise their brand-new tunes by sending them directly to fans that have offered their email addresses.  To get a website with affordable price click here

Get on Playlists

Playlists on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are now popular ways that fans of specific genres and artists discover new music. These streaming platforms are the new record stores where fans share new music they’ve found.

Artists who want to promote their music should look into how they can get their song onto as many playlists as they can that fit their genre or aesthetic. Playlists with similar artists and genres attract the kinds of fans that the artist makes music for. That gives musicians a higher chance of finding fans who want to listen for more.

Getting onto these playlists means the artists also need to develop a profile on the specific platform. They can maximize the opportunity of getting their music on a playlist by also uploading their other discography. If a listener likes the artists’ song, they can search the artist on the platform and find more of their music.

Create Content on Social Media

Social media continues to be a principal for musicians. Tiktok is currently a powerful platform for finding brand-new tracks. Artists that desire their songs to locate new listeners can see if they can create web content that belongs to Tiktok utilizing their track. Various other platforms like Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook remain places where artists can advertise brand-new music. Being present in these areas permit artists to share brand-new songs in innovative ways. Artists need to acknowledge what content fits each system. From pictures, video clips, and acts– gospel musicians can market their brand-new track, in addition to their vision and personalities, with social media sites. The content may include the hook of a track or the song’s lyrics without being the whole track. To Create fantastic content on social media Click Here

Reach Out to Local Radio Stations, Blogs, and Podcasts

Musicians shouldn’t dismiss older promotion methods. Local radio stations require brand-new music in rotation. Usually, they are delighted to play artists’ songs in the location. Musicians can connect to these stations with their new songs for the chance of being broadcast. This might involve cold emailing or cold calls, but reaching more listeners can be worth investing time in. Gospel artists can advertise their music by composing blog sites about their new releases. Numerous song fans read blogs that cover stories about emerging musicians. Interested blog owners may craft a tale on the musician to promote their songs. Podcasts are now critical outlets for information and home entertainment. Even more, individuals are paying more attention to podcasts now than in the past. Many of these podcasts are devoted to songs. Musicians can call these podcasters and speak about exactly how they may add value to it. Either by placing the track onto the podcast or getting featured as a guest on the podcast. An artist who can hop on one of these programs can tell their story and talk about upcoming projects. These are terrific methods for target markets to find out even more about a musician and follow them afterward.

10 Things Upcoming Gospel Artist Must Do To Be Very Successful In Nigeria

Are you trying to find proven ways to promote your tune as a gospel artist? Do you want your gospel abilities to be discovered by the public? Yet with the boosting press right into the industry, I should claim, it’s really tough and virtually impossible. It will not play out as intended if you take on the typical approach to the scripture songs market. I can imagine precisely how revolting you feel—mainly having to attract churches for simply a minute efficiency and taking a trip far away to get included in a banner and ultimately not being offered the chance to the preacher. Trust me, I do. If you do not intend to make it hard to deal with blunders, you should quit approaching gospel music as a passion. I want you to begin treating your enthusiasm for scripture songs as a service. In this short article, I will stroll you through effective magical means to advertise your tracks conveniently. Without further talks, let’s get going.

1. Zealous Prayers.

I know you’ve heard this a billion as well as one time.

Remain with me!

You are not an artist, neither are you a non-religious artist. You are a unique vessel that lugs the most effective, favored, and excellent food of God, praise! I imply you are a preacher in songs. If you do not recognize that means, you might indulge in years of continuous failure. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly vital to put God first in your occupation. Restructure your top priorities to include God initially in all you do. What do I imply? Inquire from the holy spirit before taking any step in the song’s promo. All you require to do is pray zealously. Keep in mind that prayer is the need for survival and maintenance of everyday victory for the follower. This way, God will unleash the secrets of songs that heal the broken heart and fix up long-lost souls to the Kingdom.

2.   Become An Instrumentalist

How To Make It Big As An Upcoming Artist In Gospel Music (1)

This is massive! I can not overemphasize this adequately. Think about legendary gospel beacons of Nigeria and also the world like Frank Edwards (Keyboardist and Jazz drummer), Nathaniel Bassey (Trumpeter as well as a sound engineer), Don Moen (World’s best Sound engineer And Keyboardist) to mention yet a few. They are all successful in their craft. Yet the instrument provided a benefit over others. If they are not welcomed to a performance to sing, they will be held to display abilities in playing their finest instrument. What I’m stating, essentially, is to learn on-demand instruments now because it gives you several opportunities to make it in the gospel music industry. Take it upon yourself to learn an instrument that pleases your fancy. And also, you’ll rejoice you did.

3. Know Your Craft

I repeat; understand your craft. There are over a million incredibly talented gospel musicians globally; the only distinguishing aspect among them is how well you bless your audience. As I have stated over, the industry is very competitive and packed with very skillful gospel musicians who have made it through the storm. I also desire you to spend hours infiltrating your craft; the already-made gospel artists you see today still rehearse every so often. Some powerful music advertising and marketing books would drastically transform precisely how you approach music.

4. Leverage Social Media Network

Breaking out and also gaining massive recognition is with the effective as well as critical use of social media channels, broaching which I very suggest the three most conversational social media networks on the planet, Facebook, Instagram, and also Twitter. If you do not have cash, complimentary music promotion is incredibly feasible. Like Facebook, utilizing the appropriate hashtags for Twitter and Instagram is vital. It would help if you used hashtags that have a considerable quantity of posts and also followings, that way, you can tap into their follower base. If you do that, you’ll have enormous possibilities of obtaining fans and views that covert.

There are many means to get included on a blog site for free. By the way, there is a conclusion to submitting your gospel songs on websites completely free. Having claimed that, you should not be exceptionally picky about where to post your gospel tracks free of charge because you are simply starting. Hijack any type of chance that waves at you.

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Do you understand why?

Google as an online search engine is remarkably crazy with authority and reliability. Let me raise the shroud … Suppose Google begins seeing your name or brand name on various blog sites. In that case, you’ll be accorded that credibility and possibilities are, you will certainly obtain seen by tons of other individuals. Much better still, you can create a blog site. Best of all, you don’t need technical knowledge of coding, Html, or JavaScript to develop a responsive blog. Yet keeping the blog will be difficult for you because it will eat into your time.

6. Become a Consistent YouTuber

Do you know YouTube is the globe’s second-biggest online search engine …? As well as with a massive untapped traffic. YouTube gets over 30million visitors per day.

Wow! That big!

For success on youtube, it is necessary to utilize youtube music advertising and marketing techniques. YouTube is approving unique possibilities for Scripture gospel musicians. Uploading your videos on YouTube will undoubtedly offer you lots of possibilities to get viewed by followers as well as prospective music sponsors and philanthropists. Since August 2019, Sinach emerged as the first African/Nigerian gospel artiste to get over 100 million views plus on a single Video, popularly mentioned as “Way Maker.” This honor allowed her to carry out at Lakewood Church in the United States.

7. Live Concerts

Upcoming Gospel Artists in Nigeria should joini real-time concerts. With real-time performances, you will certainly both advertise yourself as an artist, increase and develop your follower base, and make some money to enhance your brand.

8. Album Launch

One more means Gospel Artists earn money in Nigeria is by arranging album Launches to release their cd. Via such occasions, songs enthusiasts, especially those with a special interest rate in upcoming gospel artistes, will undoubtedly poise the event and make reasonable contributions to support your career. Much more so, the quality of individualities you can draw to your song’s launch contributes to the popularity of your song. You can also integrate the launch with unique fundraising to attract funds to sustain your music promo.

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9. Guest Artiste

Gospel Musicians can earn money in Nigeria by honoring invitations to the preacher as Guest artists in various parishes. If your efficiency is good, you can receive several invites from an isolated event and increase your income possibilities.

10. Bands/Groups

Gospel Musicians likewise earn money in Nigeria via unique bands and gospel singing groups. Incorporate efforts and payments of different talents bring people to their tunes as they make more sales, honor invitations for ministration, and generate income.

Top 10 Gospel record labels for upcoming artist

Despite the industry being flooded with a million and one record label, a handful of excellent and well-structured record labels have produced some of the country’s biggest and most famous artists. Here is a list of the primary and most prominent gospel record labels in Nigeria for upcoming artist.

1. Republic Of Xtreme Nation ROX Nation: Formed in March 2018 by Nara crooner Tim Godfrey. The record label has been one of the most distinct in the country as they organize concerts such as Fearless and a musical talent show tagged SoundCheck. ROX Nation, which stands for the Republic of Xtreme Nation, has one of the best gospel artists in Tim Godfrey and arguably one of the best producers in Nigeria, SMJ. Apart from these two, the label also houses two of the strongest female vocalists in Nigerian Gospel Music in IBK and ROX nation First Lady, Blessyn. Oyel boss Okey Sokay also adds to the house of talent 2. Hammer House Records: HHR defines a couple’s records. Award-winning Singer Eben and wife Jahdiel come together in one label. Apart from not having too many artists signed to the label, the couple keeps building names for themselves and the label all alone. The Hammer House of Rock also has a business arm called the Hammer House Ventures, specializing in video and music production, event management, and interior decoration. This is one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

2. One Hallelujah: One Hallelujah Records is the official record label and talent management brand of arguably the church with the most prominent members in Africa, The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Its label artists include talented Gospel singers like a renowned saxophonist, Pastor Kunle Ajayi, Funke Akinokun, Tosin Bee, Moses Onofeghara (MOZ), Michael Akingbala, Rebecca Ogolo, Adeyemi Bamike (OBA), to mention a few. Also linked to the label are 2017 AFRIMMA artiste of the Year, Nathaniel Bassey, producer Femi Okanuga, South Africa-based James Okon, and Funke Akiokun. This is one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

3. LoveWorld Records: Loveworld Records is an independent record label established by Chris Oyakhilome with the sole aim of discovering and developing gospel artists. Founded in 2009, the record label has groomed and produced notable gospel musicians worldwide, including Sinach, Frank Edwards, Eben, Joe Praize, among others. While others have been able to further by creating their labels, others such as rapper TB1, Mr. Noble, SamJamz, Rozey, Chee, CSO, and others remain part of the label. This is one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

4. Eezee Conceptz: Eezee Tee’s owned label Eezee Concepts is one of Nigeria’s biggest gospel record labels, which is well managed and excellently structured. The label signed singers Preye Odede and Mercy Chinwo in 2017 as parts of the forerunners of the label. After then, the label has built and managed singers such as Judikay and GUC. Other singers have also been linked to the label, such as Chioma Jesus and Chris Morgan. This is one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

5. Rockanation: One of the biggest gospel producers in Nigeria, Florocka, leads the artists under the Rockanation label. In 2016, singer and songwriter Oluwarotimi Awonbiogbon, popularly referred to as Just Rotimi, was announced as part of the label. Later the same year, the label was joined by the son of Reverend Mrs. Funke Felix Adejumo, Gbemiga Adejumo. Other singers that have been linked with the label include sensational Ghanaian rapper Esaias and Rose. 7. Tehilah Records: If you don’t know Tehilah Records, you must have heard about the Alabanza Concert. Tehilah Records is one of Nigeria’s significant gospel record labels to promote and groom gospel music artists both nationally and internationally. Tehilah Records is a gospel record label headed by Tim Ogboruche as CEO. Artistes signed on to the record label are Enkay, Chiika100%, and Tehila Crew. The biggest artiste on the label remains the wife of the owner Enkay whose single Salute was a significant hit in 2018. Tehila Records is also the host of ALABANZA, one of Nigeria’s most prominent gospel music concerts. This is one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

6. Spaghetti Records: After the group was allowed to produce their songs independently, Mike Abdul left the Midnight Crew to become the owner of one of the biggest labels in the country. The records have First Lady Monique and A’dam and dynamic producer Tyanx linked to the label. This is one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

7. Azusa World Records: One Christian label that emerged in late 2018 was renowned sound engineer Bro D’s Azusa World Record. The label, which is the record label arm and the talent management section of the audiovisual company, kick-start its projects by signing 2 prominent artists, which include the voice in Tim Godfrey’s Na You Be God Chioma Odimba, who changed her name to Chioma Gabriel popularly called Chioma and the Afro gospel artiste Olatunji Opeyemi Yemi TPX. Since then, there has not been much done by the label, but Chioma has been able to get her foot on the stage as she dropped her debut album Calvary in 2020. This is one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

8. Rock Town Records: Anytime you hear the rich boy in the building, all that comes to our mind is Frank Edwards, but actually, Rock Town is far bigger than that with singer Nkay and Gil Joe formerly linked to the label. The label signed its first female artiste in Divine, who didn’t have a successful spell with the label. Grammy-nominated artiste Nicole Mullen was also linked with the label in 2018. The label also houses Afrogospel sensation Da Music, Nina Shezz, and Victor Ike. This is one of the best record labels for upcoming artist in gospel music in Nigeria.

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