God looks at the heart than outward appearances – Judikay

God looks at the heart

Famous gospel musician, Judikay has reminded Christians of the importance of worship because God looks at the heart. Judikay advised Christians that they should worship God with all their hearts.

The musician went to Social media to encourage Christians to worship God truthfully and in spirit. She also stated that true worship of God must come from the heart.

She stated that God looks at the heart than the outer appearance. She said that the heart could not bow before God if the exterior nature is not pleasing to God.

Because the outward can be bowed without the heart bowing down. But the heart can never be bowed without the outward being bowed“, she wrote.

She urged Christians to submit to God unwaveringly. She believes that surrendering to God is a reasonable act of service. “Let your posture be bowed to the Lord. It is your reasonable service.” She wrote.

Judikay also revealed to her Christian followers that she will be releasing her first live worship video.

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