Fans anticipates Nathaniel Bassey Collab With Pastor Enenche


The renowned Worship Leader Nathaniel Bassey creates excitement as fans anticipates a possible collaborationwith Dr. Paul Enenche, the pastor-in-charge at Dunamis International Gospel Centre, who is also an artist in the studio and songwriter.

In the Instagram account, Nathaniel shared a photo of himself with the respected clergyman, which appeared to have been taken in a music video.

“The wonderful gift that is Dr. Paul Enenche is amazing. What a man of God! Be on the lookout for something exciting coming” check out the description of the post, which suggests the possibility of a new collaboration between the duo.

The group is known for its ingenuity in using their unique use of the Trumpet and Piccolo to express prayers and offerings to God the God of heaven; many fans have gone to the comments to discuss their thoughts about the future.

“When two heavenly horns players meet, the unusual is inevitable… We can’t wait,” wrote @segmartins.

@onyekajanefrancis reacted in response to Nathaniel Bassey’s revelation by saying, “Ahhhh, this combo is going to be a terror to the kingdom of darkness.”

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