Carry Me [ NEEDTOBREATHE ] Video + Lyrics

carry me

NEEDTOBREATHE, a GRAMMY Award musical rock band, delivered an acoustic Dark Horse Sessions video for their new hit tune “Carry Me,” including Switchfoot’s Jon Foreman. “Carry Me” is highlighted on NEEDTOBREATHE’s most recent studio collection, Into The Mystery, which dropped July 30 through Elektra Records.

Carry Me

Carry Me Lyrics:

I chased you into the light
Yeah I stayed there to see myself pure
All the ashes and scars they fail
They pale in comparison to yours

There were footprints the size of the universe
There were fortunes that no one could earn
So I chased you farther still
And I hope that I never return

From the river’s mouth
To the mountain peak
Through the great divide and the valley deep
I need you to carry me

Carry me
Carry me, I’m on my way
But I’m in too deep
I need you to carry me

You were calling me
Into the deep
Into waters that no map could find
You were calling me
Out beyond my fears
Where my darkness finds rest in your light

I found a fortress where I could surrender
Where my shame didn’t hide what I lacked
And so I chased you out farther still
Cause I know that I ain’t never coming back

I found a place where the past was forgiven
Where my mistakes met a grace I couldn’t earn
And so I piled up my excuses and defenses in the night
Then I lit a match, stepped back and watched them burn

From the day I was born to the end of these seas
I need you to carry me

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