20 Black gospel christian songs about unity You should listen to


Christian songs about unity

I love the sounds and music of Hezekiah, Anthony Evans, Kirk Franklin, Israel Houghton. I am inspired by the power and spirit of these black gospel musicians because they sing Christian songs about unity

These songs are still my favourite. This is why I compiled this list of 25 black gospel tracks that everyone should listen to, regardless of their backgrounds or listening preferences.

Here it is.

Way Maker – Sinach

This song is one of those songs that takes the world by surprise. It has been covered by almost every major Christian band and worship group and will only continue to rise in 2021. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, whether in Iowa, Los Angeles or Lagos, Nigeria. When you hear it, you will be able to worship as never before.


Anthony Evans – See You Again

When I heard this song, it knocked me out. This was the gospel song that I wanted to try in my church finally. We got together the worship team, which was overwhelmingly white, and we rehearsed it as fast as possible. It came out exactly like an old U2 song. It’s nothing like the original. Although we could not recreate the song’s power and grandeur, I still enjoy listening to it. This song is sung with incredible intensity by Evans. This masterpiece will make you closer to God, regardless of whether you attend church or believe in God.


Hezekiah Walker – Every Praise

There’s one thing I’m not able to do when leading worship. Call and reply. Walker does this flawlessly. Walker naturally calls out the choir and leads them (and those watching in the video) using the spoken word. This would be more like Weird Al Yankovic asking for the following line in my latest polka. He deserves props.


Jonathan Nelson: Anything can happen

A strong worship leader is something special. Although anyone can be a singer, it takes an extraordinary gift to lead worship. This song brings worship leadership to the next level. He almost takes the congregation by his hand to the Lord’s presence. This guy can teach you something, no matter your background.


You Are Good – Israel Houghton

This guy is named after the Promised Land. With his high-energy singing and incredible guitar playing, you’ll find yourself exactly there. This is my favourite worship song of all time. It’s a beautiful song. I wish I could do it justice.


Shackles (Praise you) – Mary Mary

This song was first heard on secular radio, and I can still recall hearing it. It’s both a pop and a worship song. It’s hard to imagine Mary Mary doing that. But I would love to try it someday.


Fred Hammond – No Weapon

Hammond is a solid encouragement to believers with “No Weapon.” It’s a joy when worship leaders teach and encourage their congregation. God desires every worship leader to be as skilled as Hammond in leading his people.


You Deserve it – JJ. Hairston & Youthful Praise

Most churches of predominantly white people have not figured out how to set up and use a choir. JJ Hairston uses his chorus to give new energy through call and reply in this song. It is truly inspiring!


Your Spirit – Tasha Cobbs Leonard feat. Kierra Sheard

It’s hard to find something better than hearing strong women lead worship. This powerful tune by Leonard and Sheard will ruin you



William Murphy – Your Love

Why can’t you work the stage like William Murphy? Sweaty, dripping with sweat, walking all over the stage, singing and speaking into the lives of the congregation. In my dreams.


O Come to The Altar – Israel Houghton & Elevation Worship

Psalm 13:1 states, “Behold! How good and pleasant is it when brothers dwell together in unity!” (ESV). Houghton teams up with Elevation Worship, one of my favourite bands, to show how two worship styles can be combined with excellent results. Worship should be a uniting tool that allows congregations to “dwell in oneness”.


You’re Bigger – Jekalyn Carr

“You’re bigger” is a tour de force about God’s power. It challenges the notion that your problem is not greater than God. Carr’s passion is infectious. When you don’t have faith, she sings faith into existence.


You Are Here – William McDowell

Another fantastic example of a worship leader at work is this song. McDowell’s powerful leadership brings new power to his large ensemble of congregants. Call and response is a new concept for me and most churches that are majority-white. It’s something that I would like to improve at. First, you need to have solid support vocals that can sing the song’s tune and feel. The leader can then lead and ad-lib. This song is an inspiration.


I Need You Now – Smokie Noful

Smokie Norful is proof that talent within the church can be as abundant as outside. Many of today’s secular superstars started singing in church. Norful, a John Legend-like talent, is my favourite. I wish I could do the same with his piano and vocals in this song.


Victory – Yolanda Adam


Okay. It’s mind-blowing. This song is one of those you consider doing for a couple of seconds, but then you decide not because it’s too difficult. This song has so many components. First, a choir can’t be able to both sound and dance this well. Yolanda Adams’ stage persona is so natural and captivating that it’s hard not to be drawn in. Third, I have never heard a string section sound so good. This video was so addictive that I couldn’t put it down!


Amazing – Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago

This is just good old-school get-you-out-of-your-seat worship.



Andrae Crouch: To God be the Glory

This classic is from a pioneer of worship music. This song transcends culture, style, and background. As a child, I can recall singing this song in my predominantly white church. This song is unique in that it’s powerful regardless of how you perform it.


Breathe – Byron Cage

This song is one that I have done hundreds of times, unlike most of the others on this list. It dates back to my youth group days when I led worship. The encouragement that Byron Cage’s rendition of the song brings is that any song can be made your own and doesn’t have to be boring. The songs of God transcend culture and style.


I Need You – Donnie McClurkin

This song astonished me. It’s like a big tent revival meets gospel choir. McClurkin doesn’t hesitate to take the lead. This sound could be replicated by my worship band, at least on instruments. Vocally, it’s almost impossible.


Kirk Franklin: A God Like You

Today’s worship songs have plenty of space for happy tunes. It’s not clear why but worship songs today are dominated by power ballads or dirges. Here’s a happy song that will fill in the gap. If I was as talented as Franklin, I could do this song in my church.


Good & Bad – J Moss

It’s a great worship song when the singer starts ad-libbing about the time your phone stops ringing and when no one wants to spend time with you. This is not a song; it’s a sermon. Many worship leaders are afraid of incorporating teaching and encouragement into their songs. J Moss is an expert at this technique.


For God’s full worship, diversity is the key.

I hope this list of black gospel songs is helpful and enjoyable. You can add any songs that you think I have missed in the comments below.

One last thought. Some people wonder why different music styles exist.

This is why there are many types of people. One style can’t express the fullness of God. God would not be fully honoured if all churches and songs were U2-style white guy rock worship. We cannot express God fully with the only black gospel.

These types are needed, along with Norteno from Mexico, the rhythmic styles in Africa, and everything else.

Revelation 7:9-10 (ESV).

No one could count a great multitude from every nation, and all tribes, peoples, languages stood before the throne. They were dressed in white robes with palm branches in their hands and cried out loudly, “Salvation belonged to our God who sits upon the throne, as well as to the Lamb!”

Nothing is more beautiful to God than any style, genre, language or culture that praises him in its way.

A group should not feel inferior because it can’t do another style or genre. If we cannot do something, it is just a sign that God has given us another person who can.

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